May 2019 HAHD Boston Event Information

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Boston Have a Hart Day‘s May event will be on May 11 at 8am at the Somerville Mobile Market!  The minimum age is ten, so this is great for younger Hartosexuals who want to join us!

Email Heather to get on the list!

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How to: Use Facebook Groups for HAHD Volunteer Recruitment

One great tool we have used to build our Boston Have a Hart Day (HAHD) volunteers* is Facebook Groups.  As you know, we have our own Boston Have a Hart Day Facebook Group.  The ones which we have had the best luck with are local and alumni groups.


Step 1:  Find a “local” Facebook Group.  Up in the search bar of Facebook, type the name of the town or city whose group you want to join.  (We actually mainly use smaller groups from the suburb our captain lives in, but the city your HAHD group is based out of may work as well).  Once you get the search results, click on the “groups” link.

Step 2:  Join a group.  If you see a promising group, join it!

Step 3:  Make your first post.  “I’m recruiting for [event] at [place] with City HAHD.  I’m a [group] native.  [insert link to your HAHD group’s group or page]”

Step 4:  Repeat in other groups—perhaps your alma mater has a local alum group you already follow?  Or a hobby?  If it’s within the group parameters, post in it.

Any questions?  Leave them in the comments.

*And email list, but that’s another show.

Photo credit:  Pixabay on Pexels